Civil War-era Southern perspective from the “bottom up”

What is the Civil War-era Southern perspective of the Civil War from the “bottom up?”

Thinking beyond those who supported the Confederacy, consider the following listed names… then click on those names to see how people, not the dominant government of the geographical section, defined the Southern perspective.

Henry Berry Lowry, Henry Flaugher, Isaac Hardesty, Nancy Brewer, James Lee Gillespie, the slave “Fanny,” John Minor Botts, Riley J. Collins, Jacob P. Kyger, Moses McConnell, Burrell Howell, Hiram Hulin, Rebecca Wright and Thomas Laws, Elizabeth Van Lew, Noah Thornton, John M. Keyser, Frank P. Haywood, Stephen C. Sanders, Leroy C. Gilbert, Elder John Kline, the Shelton Family, Chatham Robertson, Frederick Amos Alger, Absalom L. Duggan, the Meadows Family, Thornton Hamilton Taylor, John M. Dogans, Chrisley Nicholson, and many others that can also be included in this list.

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